Cultural #Freedom #WD2016

The need to communicate is fundamental to being human. Verbal, visual, sensual, our brains have been optimised to receive data and process this data quickly. Giving us the ability to adapt to our environments in ways that most animals never will.

Is it any wonder that freedom of speech is a guaranteed in the South African constitution? It seems to go against the adage “children should be seen and not heard”…the case can be made for or against this but as South Africa matures, the children need to be heard.

As the country opens up to a global community, communication between vastly different cultures spurs a violent rejection of any ‘indoctrination’ that goes against the millennial idea of how life ought to be lived. As detrimental as the previous generations make this rebellion out to be (the judgemental few), this cultural adaptation is what drives South Africa’s growth. As the demographics shift and more people collectively experience freedom than any other generation in the past…

What are you using your voice for? –


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