A Rhino named #Hope

Becoming conscious of the state of the world isn’t an easy process. Especially when you’re not able/qualified to make a difference as soon as you’d like.

We read the news and find out about some new tragedy. We ask ourselves “what kind of person would do something like that?” and automatically condemn the perpetrators.

But the perpetrators are a product of the society we share. In this small world, our choices and decisions become so heavily interlinked, the lines blur and the silent aren’t so blameless anymore. Of course, we could just blame Pandora and go about our day.

Do you think that your everyday choices and decisions are connected to a rhino without a horn?

Mutilated rhino in South Africa on long road to recovery – http://wp.me/p1kXnN-1lO


5 thoughts on “A Rhino named #Hope

  1. I think they are connected to poverty and despair but also greed and power. but I also think some things are inexcusable.
    stealing a loaf of bread is understandable.
    poaching a rhino, killing it in the most despicable way, sorry, no excuses.

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