Develop what?

Innovative solutions,

To squatter camps that need ablutions

Crime is on the rise?

Schools are no longer a prize…

Maybe we can focus on who the land really belongs to…

The animals and their kingdom, who will deny this? Who?

Africa’s undeveloped world


3 thoughts on “Develop what?

  1. In my culture, here in South Africa, we build our own makeshift toilet if we need one, even though very poor. Now, other local cultures demand from Government. Why does initiative not come from within their own ranks? Our family income is R1,510 per month but we solve our own problems. That is just over a hundred USD monthly. I am disabled yet neither get nor demand help.


  2. Blacks are not indigenous but demand everything. Land issue is out of context. They killed millions of Khoisan when they settled, took their land, sold it to whites and now want it back. Go study history. Facts will prove me right.


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