Kill it with fire

It hasn’t been easy finding an angle for this blog. There’s just so much going on and even more being done. The point is to share all of that. Taking a step back once in a while, I’ve learned that the best way to share original and unique work is to create an environment for that. 

One thing that all the articles, music, novels, opinions, poems, sonnets, recipes, instrumentals (all things artistically Cape Town) have in common is that they were borne of the entrepreneurial spirit that’s developing in this city.

People talk of Africa rising, I believe that this is what they’re referring to. The unstoppable urge to make something meaningful of life and ‘profit’ from it. I use that word sparingly, for obvious reasons.

The change-makers and the people centered developers who fuel their work with their passion are the ones that inspire me. Listening to their stories which are filled with anger at a system that just doesn’t work. Filled with love for their individuality.

Watch them go. Slaying their way through corrupt officials and greedy fat cats.

To them, for now, all I can say is thank you for keeping on.


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