Compartmentalizing #communities

Understanding a specific community (in a specific area) involves talking to a lot of different people. 

This can be a harrowing experience.

Some communities have relatively uniform characteristics; schools, homes, churches, drugs, gang violence, shebeens – the usual suburban setup. Other communities are a little more complex and include institutions that have been around for decades, establishing images for themselves.

My focus is on the more complex of the two. The CBD. With the same characteristics as its suburban counterpart.

However, the negative elements are well hidden and the corrupt nature of the entities that harbour this violence towards a peaceful city work tirelessly to keep it this way.

As I work through my project and get to know the community I’m in, my goal is to share my successes and failures and, hopefully, get as many people involved as I can.

It’s a good thing there are already people working on transforming the city center.

It’s a jungle out here.


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