Evacuate the city!!!

In light of the recent spate of fires that have attacked the city in the past few days, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the workers who are doing all in their power to alleviate some of the damage that’s taking place. The firefighters and the helicopter pilots who are trained to minimize the damage and protect all who need it.

Fortunately, nature has its own defenses. Armies of ants, swarming over the fynbos brush, gathering the seeds of the future and unwittingly protecting them from the scorching heat caused by irresponsible behaviour. Surprisingly, this seems to be an example of an evolutionary development – myrmecochory. The heat of the fire spurs the germination of the hidden seeds.

Be on the look out for Fire Lilies (Cyrtanthus Ventricosus) and Blood Flowers (Haemanthus Coccineus) and Watsonia as the ashes fertilize the soil and give life back as it was taken.

To all the little wild ones evacuating their babies from the flames and the insects who perished – salut.

If you’d like to know more about the plants and wildlife check out Table Mountain – A Natural History



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