Water: te extraño

When it rains, it only rains just enough to water the pools and gardens of those who already have access to it.

As one of those people with access, I appreciate what it means to have this resource delivered to me. I know it’s easy to look down from my high horse and demand that people save water. So I won’t do that.

I read an article some time ago about the city wasting spring water. Knowing that this is happening, while people in disadvantaged communities don’t have running water. No wonder people mock the statement ‘the city works for you’…let’s not forget that WE make the city what it is.

But then, as an individual, what am I supposed to do? We all ask.

Who has answers?

Can we define the problem?

here’s a video by the design indaba, informative and worth watching.

Short film about the life-blood of the city


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