Primary #education goals

I come from a time when education planners thought that a one size fits all approach would work. Fortunately, I managed to adapt, hiding my own learning ‘flaws’. As a result, I have a deeper respect for experiential learning rather than authoritative indoctrination.

During my time volunteering in schools in the Cape Flats, I realized that South Africa has pretty much the same system. Bar the more progressive institutions that adapt their teaching techniques to the different learning styles that the learners possess.

Shakira at #WEF17

I decided to take on a different perspective to education. One that incorporated an aspect of our planet that was almost entirely ignored during my schooling years.

The outdoors.

While volunteering in a city based community garden, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the programs that supported the garden included educational tours for schools. Engaging young humans in a space outside of the structured classrooms with invigorating material was just as educational for me as I hope it was for them. It was this wholesome approach that gave me a sense of what could lie in Africa’s future with the right planning and resource deployment.

In terms of sustainability, isn’t this a good example of what we’re looking for in Africa?

Oranjezicht City Farm Education


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