#Educational leaps @TC_Africa

Looking at the state of South Africa as a layman, it’s not difficult to notice the disparities that underlie daily interactions between people, in business and other sectors. Fortunately, today’s layman is equipped with exciting new tools that aid critical thought and allow those most affected by those disparities to make a difference in innovative new ways.

Ten days ago, Timothy London wrote a piece on the changing mindset in South Africa. Providing some insight into what he thinks is needed for a revitalisation (a much less biased word than decolonise, which tends to dredge up emotionally charged reactions. Timothy comments on the encouraging steps that the country took last year, specifically, the national outcry that we’ve been witnessing.

Looking for future-focused engagement with a focus on possibilities while considering the challenges we face, Timothy makes some good points.

Points that can be demonstrated on the WCED ePortal, which connects teachers and learners from across the country.

So if you’re a teacher or a parent and you don’t know about it, check it out.

If you’re a learner (anyone really) – this might be helpful.

WCED ePortal


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