The #African individual 

Our connected world has been aware of itself for a long while now. With awareness and greed, comes exploitation. Western cultures have learned to exploit the natural resources (including human) that are gifted with this place and some could argue, have taken the various forms of mining to the extreme.

As humans do when we discover a new toy.

Now, as previously colonized countries come into their own, populations of disillusioned survivalists are forging a path that only African feet can tread. Intelligent graduates stepping into the job scene, bright eyed and bushy tailed, realizing the futility of job security/uncertainty and that’s when the transition happens.

Fueled by emotional responses and the desire to thrive, an entrepreneur is born.

As the entrepreneur becomes aware of the niche markets offered by underdeveloped communities, innovative services a conceptualised, measured and eventually delivered. Here, we see a social/cultural entrepreneur spreading a pair of wings and taking flight.

Ride the waves of change

As we see this more and more, the entrepreneurial mindset overflows into the different sectors of the economy.
Development shaped by a history, guided by a future.

The World Economic Forum posted this piece of trends affecting Africa.


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