Western Cape’s nightmare

The world is smitten with Cape Town. There’s no denying the region’s appeal.

Sadly, behind the masks donned by the city officials and those who choose to ignore the city’s reality, a traumatized society cowers. Nightmarish images conjured by the statistics enforce the idea that nothing can be done.


Drug-related crimes in the Western Cape


Ignored by its guardians, shunned by its custodians, the neglected communities that ultimately form the foundation of this great city have demonstrated a resilience that is a testament to the #Africandream.

How has this society demonstrated resilience? That’s what I’m here to find out..

Thankfully, independence is a recurring theme in this dream and as individuals start to wake up from this dream, anything is possible.

Hustlers are entrepreneurs denied opportunity” – by Maura Ewing

Image credit: Crime stats SA


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