Meeting the #Street

Before 2015, I hadn’t really paid any attention to any setting that I found myself living in. I simply went about my business, accepting (ignoring) reality and kept myself as disengaged from my neighbours as I could.

Then, after a long mental process of prioritization, I decided to take the necessary steps to engage my community bubble. I plunged heart first into as many social processes that began to present themselves to me. Fervent excitement led me to believe that every problem could be solved with a smile and a vision of the future.

After some disappointment and disillusionment (still ongoing), I still tend toward that belief.

Currently, slightly less ignorant with a dollop of caution, I feel myself reaching an impasse. Granted, this isn’t the first time I’ve landed in this mental space BUT, it is the first time that I’m able to acknowledge that this might be a necessary step towards understanding my community. When it comes to change, new isn’t always anticipated gladly.

The city as a learning guide (video)

In short – experiential learning can be challenging. But one has to continue to plough through the dilemmas that present themselves. For me, these have turned out to be ethical in nature, on an extremely personal level. Fortunately, the dynamics of cities are slightly above personal qualms and development must go on!

A well known example of community driven development, #OpenStreets, is once again braving the car dominated streets of Cape Town to find out what kinds of changes can be made and by whom.

Check them out #TalkingStreets


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