Intergrating cities

Africa woke up late.

The noonday Sun was shining as her peoples finally decided that the snooze button wasn’t worth the effort anymore.

Early to bed

Our continents growth might seem retarded but we are no longer ignoring our cultural wealth that existed before Western influence flooded the plains. Rest in peace no longer as we assemble our history, piece by piece.

Early to rise

Now, the global struggle for energy permeates household conversations and this is the dawn that we awaken to.

Health and Impilo

As the first step takes its toll, we are considering our vitals. As each city takes heed of its energy needs and the global concern, our solutions can only come from ourselves.

Wisdom and Ukuhlakanipha

Observing the mistakes of those that came before us, are we making headway? Fortifying our cultures as infrastructure, the future ponders us, amused.


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