#AskAMan: Cecil J Rhodes on #work

It’s a pleasant morning in the City Centre today. According to various cultures, different kinds of animals are getting married; signified by the confetti drizzle showering parts of the city.

Animals aside, the ongoing marriage procession between African and Western cultures is climaxing. Contrasting ideologies and outdated worldviews are fueling violent clashes between seemingly demure personalities.

As we all know, relationships take a whole lot of work. An ability to sacrifice instant gratification for future gains. Investing emotion into possibilities.

As the fathers of today’s society rule from the grave, the heirs catapult their concerns onto social media platforms using the reminders carved out of stone. Riddled with truth, the quotes may be taken in or out of context, depending on your level of frustration with your current government.


Will protests like this breath more life into reformation?


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