Money talks #WednesdayWisdom

I don’t think I’ll ever stop railing at our inability to reach utopia. Maybe it’s my #LostGeneration mentality that keeps me expectant. The previous generations have either given up trying to please us or have given up altogether.

As we become our version of adults, vastly different from what was expected of us, the onus now lies on us to hold our leaders to task. In a nice way, lest they retreat to their defensive bubbles of “This is how we’ve always done things” and continue rattling our collective chains.

This means engaging the money motivation. This has always been the hardest for me. The distance I’ve created between the profit-motivated clearly wasn’t meant to last long.

A constant question is; am I only sabotaging myself by refusing to engage with profit-driven minds?

Isn’t this the reason why Cape Town faces such inequality?


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