Calenderising Cape Town

Time management has never been my strongest suit. Short-term planning makes me feel anxious about having perfect outcomes and long-term planning inevitably ends up with my mind in some new kind of Utopia. Taking the time to think about a few details helps me steal time from my procrastinating self. As a resource, time is the most precious, depending on how you use it. Its management is not a talent, so it must be a skill. So, before the spreadsheet is populated, these are some thought-points I’ve gathered to help me shift into time managing mindset.

Referencing location

The community that you’re doing your work in has its own traditions. Whether these traditions are centered around religious events or artistic festivals, each community beats it drum to the pulse of its specific geolocation. Consider the climate and weather conditions when choosing to attend/host events.

Cape Town’s summer is an ideal time to host pool/beach parties for young entrepreneurs who don’t conform to the suit and tie crowd.

Roles and regulations

In a community, like any system, there are functioning units that have specific roles and responsibilities in the community. I thought that I would have to organize everything from the groundup when I started my community service but after a few burnout episodes, I accepted that there were organizations that were designed to handle specific community needs, such as safety and security, sanitation and other services that I used to take for granted. Also, importantly, there are regulatory bodies for the deliverers of these services.

It might be a good idea to sift through the SAPs and Community Policing Forum calendar for public participation meetings that allow you to introduce yourself to community leaders.


These would be the stakeholders.

They are the ones that ultimately sign off on the calendar. Share it!


Depending on your strategic goals, some events are IMPORTANT and having bold lines is a good visual stimulant to prepare for those events.


Fortunately for the forgetful, phones have reminders. I have come to terms with having to add reminders to add events to my calender as well as having my calendar remind me of the event well beforehand. A checklist for the event was prescribed at some point, I’ll get round to trying it out at some point.

Reorganising and resecheduling

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. So plan for that. Even though it can be a little embarrassing when key individuals cancel a meeting (it happens), I try to take it in my stride and remembers to respect other people’s time by requesting it in advance.

I hope this helps 🙂


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