Re-structuring the pulse

Capetownpulse still exists but has evolved…

The concept that drove that blog was based on a limited understanding of a small, developing piece of the world.

With my amateur research skills, applying categorical thinking to this rapidly changing city (Cape Town) was a little too monumental. Having learned many lessons from community advocates and unfathomable high level government decisions, I have decided to begin at the beginning.

With any project, one has to begin with a concrete set of facts. A foundation on which to build structures guided by intentions.

My fact is that I exist. My intention is to understand progress and assist global development.

As an individual human, my contribution is mainly sharing my experience as I work through the realities of learning about development. The realities of dealing with real people with real problems in real communities.

But first, let me become self-aware

Nurturing self-awareness
Acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses gives me a good view as to how best to use my skills in this world, giving quantifiable value. One of the most frustrating experiences has been accepting the fact that most humans only see value in monetary terms. Which seems counter-intuitive if we’re dealing with potential. So I’ve adopted an entrepreneurial stance.

I’ve grappled with the issue of money for a long time but as reality goes, acceptance of the current circumstances is the first step towards changing them.

My Utopia still exists, as it always will, in my own mind.

I am a community facilitator.

This is my evolution.


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