#CommScience – Chronemics


This is a form of non-verbal communication that deals with the way we interpret different kinds of messages using time as a lens.

Depending on our cultures and traditions, time adds a subtle layer of information that may or may not be intentionally sent. This layer of information can be misinterpreted easily by the receiver, especially now as we develop a global community with different notions about time management.

Never rush an artistAn example of unintentional meanings would be someone working under a lot of stress or pressure to perform. Writing an article about a certain topic with a deadline could lead the author to rush, just to get done on time. When this happens, the message itself has changed from what the author initially intended it to be, even though the important points my be included.

A good example of misinterpretation would be the Abrahamic Bible. Messages relayed are subject to over 2000 years of human development. Hence, the actual message becomes increasingly distorted as it is shared across cultures and adapted to the current state of the different languages.


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