Work flow (under construction)

Until recently, the idea of work has been rigorously biblical. Handed down as the curse of freedom from generation to generation, the culture of work is evolving into something new (but old as society itself) and exciting…


Even though we’ve always combined learning and play, the idea of working and playing has been banished to the playground. The corporate environment favours productivity over employee job satisfaction.

Hours and hours of deliverables

The competitive labour market has ensured a constant flow of employees willing to sacrifice fun for tedious, soul-killing tasks. Basically, if you’re not willing to work yourself to the bone or  into a coma (whichever comes first), you’ll be replaced by someone who is…

The scarcity of jobs has driven thousands of educated would-be employees to overturn the idea of work and forge different opportunities. Thus, entrepreneurship was born.

Urged by the instinctual need to survive and eventually, have fun doing it, methods of contributing to society have never been more fulfilling than they are now. The factors that give rise to these phenomena are mainly due to the time we live in; the technology and its democratisation within an ever growing population of ‘super-humans’.

The Super-humans

With our ability to live in abstract worlds and recreate pieces of these worlds in our hard reality, we’re able to produce in a way that our predecessors could only imagine in comic books and the like.

As the quality of life increases, creativity is favoured over bland repetitiveness. The ability to anticipate the future, coupled with the agile use of contemporary tools (social media, political will, adaptive learning techniques, etc.) gives rise to a new way of working.

A new way of working gives way to a more complex, evolved way of living.

And so, the flow of work, disrupted by the products of work itself, continues as we reconstruct our culture around the idea of work…



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