To-do list

Organising my life seems like a reasonable request to make if I plan on creating the impact I would like to.

Since I plan on spending more time alone, I need to make sure that the outside is balanced enough to thrive. I feel that the external environment needs to thrive so that my own environment (of my own creation) can be sustained with greater integrity.

I want a secure system throughout.

In the meantime, these are the things that I’d like to do with my short little life:

  1. Upgrade my tie collection
  2. Engage my body to its fullest…
  3. Recreating this experience virtually
  4. Ignore the naysayers constantly plaguing me with their diseased imaginations
  5. Fully integrate my body with this planets information logs (my ‘junk’ DNA’ and its secrets await)
  6. Fully engage my excitement more often, despite being told to shut up about my dreams
  7. Be beautiful
  8. Be me

I keep meaning to write ‘How to’ articles about becoming an entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur should help me achieve some of my many goals at a faster pace.

I have realised that the world is changing at a faster pace and I guess I’m taking this added lift to increase the rate of innovation within my own self..

I am an artist, after all.

I’m gathering material for a masterpiece that lives within my self. A constantly living artwork that feeds off my experiences and perspectives.

This mosaic in my mind is my world view.

It is the being that I am, here on Earth.

It is beautiful.



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