@FineMusicRadio talks Business Trends

I enjoy listening to Fine Music Radio, the station plays quality music that keeps me coming back for more. The gem though, is the accessible business discourse hosted daily (week) by Lindsey Williams from 6pm-7pm…

Improving my vocabulary and giving me a window into the investment world, Fine Business Radio connects the South African business world to local entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to get their feet wet.

Today’s (Wednesday 28 June) episode brought these business trends from the station to my understanding. Doris Viljoen, a Futurist here in Cape Town was on air with Lindsey, engagingly sharing her take on the following developments.

Niche Tourism

Culinary, Scenery, Cultural and other types of individualized tourism gigs are explorative business opportunities for Cape Town’s more outgoing/inviting entrepreneurs. Being willing and able to share fragments of your life with researchers/explorers/artists from different countries involves trust and a certain kind of pride in ones identity. Niche tourism might just bring out the best in the ones who are willing to perform.

The conversation moved to Cape Town’s commendable coffee culture, which has been a lovely perk from the city 🙂

New Customer

Customers expecting personalised services from their suppliers is becoming normal. The tedium of form-filling, long-winded descriptions of their needs are becoming a thing of past. I wonder if local businesses are equipped to deal with big data analysis (corporate intuition)…

Communication preferences are worth paying attention to if suppliers want to retain/grow their market share.


Being a resort city, one would expect to have vacationing professionals make the most of their holiday time by squeezing in some productivity as well. Lindsey mentioned the development of support structures for professionals in the city, like fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

I think that the city is open for business. Incredibly well resourced libraries and hot-spots in strategic locations can be found and made use of…if you’re willing to put up with excessive public contact.


Referring to the entire supply chain and the design process, this trend focuses on making the most of every available resource. An example of this is sharing empty offices and other kinds of infrastructure/equipment while they’re not being used by the primary user.

Waste-not, want-not might be an old adage but it definitely has a new age chime to it. This trend has been around for a while and as Southern Africa becomes accustomed to efficient resource management, I’m curious to uncover the different innovative processes that communities build into their daily management.

Hailing Heroes

Putting the customer in the spotlight is a growing advertising trend. Using real, everyday people instead of the usual run-of-the-mill model, suppliers are imprinting their products in the hearts of their consumers. Snaring that elusive brand loyalty and on the other side, increasing accountability.


As consumers become more environmentally, culturally and financially conscious, they might take the necessary steps to make sure that their favourite brands behave according to a recognised moral code.

Create Your Stories

In line with a more personalised customer service, suppliers are opening up their design process to their customers. This trend seems to have a lot of promise, especially with decentralized manufacturing becoming a norm.

3D printing, niche tourism, access to personal information all contribute to the suppliers ability to virtually come into your home, (with your invite, of course) and mould their product to suit your unique personality.

I hope you tune into the daily discussion and share your views on twitter or here.

Happy businessing!

Fine Business Radio


Entrepreneurial adventure

Stepping into the world, finding one’s feet

Many peers will lag behind, maybe they can’t handle the heat…

Blame it on the economy, or the president

Youth have many ways of dealing with issues that are resident.

Call a university meeting, turn it into a joke

Or light the fires of innovation, the flames, do stoke!

Life is an adventure after all


#Finance for the people

We hear talk of Africa rising.

By that, do we mean the art burning activists and school torching (well meaning?) people? Partly…

There’s another group of individuals. The future mentors who will share the story of our dramatic adjustments when we finally started measuring and evaluating our Earthly resources.

The ones who will rise to that challenge of pruning for a better South Africa.

One of the fruits of the sharing economy is the accessibility to knowledge and this fruit is what sustains today’s entrepreneurs.

For example…

Is our financial sector too big? – http://wp.me/p29D7g-r5

Saving the #entrepreneur

South African culture is quickly adapting to global trends and people are coming to terms with the fact a new breed of “worker” is needed.

No longer the factory or farm hand who hopes only to get employed by the rich, now the adaptive individual willing to take economic risks must take the reins.

But at what cost? Is the “white” steed carrying the knight in shining armour or an apocalyptic horseman in disguise? Opinions are divided while the reality remains.

Entrepreneurs need capital…

White Capital is not the great evil. It’s the great savior – http://wp.me/p102Au-hD