Weekend brief #Week30

Another cycle comes to an end. The 30th week of 2017 has brought insight and surprise into my life. Digesting the events this weekend will be fun. Imaginations are getting ready for take off!

I’ve logged some hours with the communities that I’m working with and I’m doing my best not to pick a favourite but alas, this was decided long before I even began, featured picture).

govt avenue table mnt
A central garden with charm

I’ve decided to the deem the rest of the communities as peripheral communities. These peripheral communities are built on the community that I have grown to love and appreciate. The vibrant ecosystem that gives Cape Town its world class beauty.

This week, I’ve noticed this beauty fold into different dimensions. Emerging in the people that have made their homes here. Of course, in the harsh terrain that most of the communities have cultivated for themselves, the rarity of human beauty is a little saddening.

Thankfully, the revolution is well underway. Cultures are mixing and mingling. Mindsets are changing as their owners feel the impact of their choices. Political leaders dig their own graves and push individuals into radical states. Communities tying events together in increasingly autonomous ways.

golden acre clock
Complexity in each community

I’m intrigued by the sheer force that this city (Cape Town) has. The individuals that trigger the mechanisms may or may not be oblivious to their contribution but the physical structures make it plain for any African to see. Especially if they’re from a small town, like me.

So this weekend, as I think about learning styles, I’ll also be thinking about the rate of integration in local communities.


The golden miles in #GoldenArrow

I was making my way to the Cape Flats, passing faces, work bound. Staring into the vivid abyss, wondering if anyone had a phone charger. The crowd was silent.

I needed to charge my phone. Badly. I'd missed the opportunity earlier, that was a blunder. My mood was dropping as I gazed at the sky. I considered using airplane mode to pass the time.

What I would do for some electricity! You never miss the spark until its gone, they say.

Everything just felt off, could I manage without my music? Maybe sing along from my memory?

Then this happened, just when I needed you.

Photo Jul 25, 10 36 53 A seat usbM

Inception Connection

The transit system being a marvel on its own, I was blown away by the added level off connectivity that the Golden Arrow buses were getting. Being able to stay connected to my work and family with free electricity meant the world to me.

2 usb ports



From then, my day went as smoothly as electricity from an eel. I gazed upon slightly imposing wonders of nature. Sat with leaders of the future and discussed their way forward. Pondered the strategies applied by economists of yesteryear, guffawed. Discussed solutions to the education system with parents, their miniatures in tow. Rummaged through book donations to find an anthropology textbook beckoning from the chaos.

Travelled great distances through flat communities.

Cape Town's development signals its ability to handle the pressure of African politics. A little too well, in fact. The Cape Flats residents my tout a lack of consideration from the city but with this view, adjustments to that argument must be made.

table mountain 25 jul


Sure, the reminders of the city's rulers hover over the daily (and nightly) activities but hey, at least the buses are connected. That's something, right #Zille?

kind edward 7


Future-focused behaviour

The day begins.

The first few breaths we take in those moments can be monumental. They give rise to the thoughts that we build our day on. Wether it’s wondering where to get water to wash with or where to get your coffee fix, we’re always thinking about the future.

As varied as the lives are that make up this city, there does seem to be a common purpose.


As angry as they may be, the people demand it.

As stunted as they are, the politicians are giving in.

From individuals to the masses that march the city’s decrepit streets, barefoot and well-heeled alike; development drives our behaviour.

Engaging the community 

First Thursday’s is a monthly event that celebrates Cape Town’s leisure culture in a business setting. 

Yesterday, at the Ministry of Economic Opportunities, Minister Alan Winde honoured two individuals who have contributed enormously to the city’s tourism image. Hylton and Janis Ross, respected by anyone with insight into the tourism industry graciously accepted this honour at the Long Street offices for Economic Opportunities.

“Hilton is a dreamer and Janice is a realist” – Minister Alan Winde

I had the pleasure of meeting industry leaders and engage in meaningful conversations in terms of development.

More to come!

Western Cape’s nightmare

The world is smitten with Cape Town. There’s no denying the region’s appeal.

Sadly, behind the masks donned by the city officials and those who choose to ignore the city’s reality, a traumatized society cowers. Nightmarish images conjured by the statistics enforce the idea that nothing can be done.


Drug-related crimes in the Western Cape


Ignored by its guardians, shunned by its custodians, the neglected communities that ultimately form the foundation of this great city have demonstrated a resilience that is a testament to the #Africandream.

How has this society demonstrated¬†resilience? That’s what I’m here to find out..

Thankfully, independence is a recurring theme in this dream and as individuals start to wake up from this dream, anything is possible.

Hustlers are entrepreneurs denied opportunity” – by Maura Ewing

Image credit: Crime stats SA

Citizen data

Being the ideas man is easy.

Implementing ideas is where the challenge lies.

One of the main reasons this is challenging is because EVERYONE has to have a say in the plan from the beginning. Or else we have a misinformed project.

Thankfully, we have social media to assist. The advent of twitter conversations has brought communities from across the globe together. Giving rise to a quicker form of data collection.

Check out an upcoming conversation here 

#Cape truths 

Living in Cape Town, I’ve been bombarded with hundreds (if not thousands) of perspectives. From the parts of the the city that flourish with development and innovation to the most neglected locations, left to fester in the wounds left by apartheid. The people that make up this city couldn’t be more different from each other.

The moment I decided to look behind the city’s “facade”, my disillusionment relegated me to a more observational role. Angry outbursts at what seemed to be injustice lead me to prefer silence over head on collisions.

Coming to terms with Cape Town can be a little like coming to terms with a little piece of life.