A human, evolving

I’m a conglomeration of matter, aware.

My awareness inhabits (or springs from) a complex biological system that has a measure of influence over my awareness.

I am a human being. This name has been given to me by the 7.5 billion other conscious biological systems that seem to understand the world the way I do. It is seen as normal, for so many autonomous systems to have mutual understandings like this. I find it jarring. I find it absurdly incredible to be part of this seething mass.

Microcosms lend their characteristics to us. We live, grow and die. We are a single, pixelated culture that feeds off energy stored in various forms. Transmuting this planet, we’ve created our own world, distinct and impactful.

Man's rival and companionWe have this world contained within ourselves. It is a world built on pain and suffering, fashioned by the will to pleasure and power.

As the being that we are, we’re able to perceive chemical reactions within our systems as emotions, which drive our actions in our daily lives. Our behaviour becomes our tradition, which inspires our beliefs and this in turn creates the specific morals within the cultures that cordon off our communities.

My biological system may evolve slowly but my awareness is what defines my individual humanity.


Evolving stories

What we love about perspective is that there are as many as there are humans on this planet. Each, as unique as a fingerprint and we can use these perspectives to magnify the truth of any situation, however grim it might seem.

This particular story is a home coming story. Amidst the frantic relocations and warnings that South Africa is going to be the next Zimbabwe (guilty, in the process of rehabilitation), this story sends a message that all is not lost. Work must be done but lots of fun is still to be had. Sometimes, belief does precede reality…

Evolving Challenges – http://wp.me/p1XCLL-na

Restore the garden

So you may be aware that posts on here may be erratic but understand that I’m working with the different organs that make up Cape Town, I have to make sure that I have an awareness of as many limbs that need to be included in each pulse(post)…these pulses will be mostly spontaneous but there will be constructed articles in between for the relevant topic.

Hear me out, I have a cause that I’d like you to give me feedback on. Would you like to see more gardens in your city? Would you like to have mango trees and apple trees and avo trees on the side walk? Well, we can do it. The Company Gardens in Cape Town has a plan for that kind of city development and I hope that we, who support this cause can get behind it by sharing this hashtag #bedhead and a picture of themselves as they wake up. To raise awareness for the unkempt gardens we have around our cities. To raise awareness for the kids who don’t have mothers to brush their hair and dads who are working too hard to be with their kids. With your picture, you get to share you beautiful unkempt individuality and support a cause that with your help, will change the world. Cleaning up our cities will help us avoid typhoid too! Thanks 5FM for the news! Unkempt is still beautiful. I’ll go first! Though this will actually be a second attempt, of course!